Clinical test reports on the active ingredient – Pueraria Mirifica

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Subject's Before Consumption After Consumption
Age Symptom Menstruation Symptom Menstruation
46 Hot flash, Emotional distress or anxiety Stop Normal Stop
52 Hot flash, Emotional distress or anxiety Stop Normal Stop
35 Dry Skin Disappear Normal Stop
58 Hot flash Stop Normal Reappear
39 Hot flash Still Normal Still
49 Emotional distress Very Few Normal Normal
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1. Your health is important to us - Before we even made the first bottle of Mirifem, we ensured that the research was solid and that the medication was safe for you, as well as effective. Pueraria Mirifica, the active ingredient, is safe and effective for breast enhancements.
2. Trusting the research - We have personally looked at a lot of information, provided from several renowned medical universities in Thailand, where extensive research was conducted on this breast enhancement medication. The research shows that the breast enhancement medication is safe and successful while treating a wide variety of conditions with herbal supplements.
3. There is safety in the numbers - There are many women who’ve taken the medication for breast enhancement and have found it to be safe and effective. These women include those who have had children, breast fed and undergone hysterectomies as well as women who had breast surgery with less than great results.
4. The reputation speaks for itself - There has yet to be a complaint to date about any adverse effects or side effects related to this breast enhancement medication.
5. Solid information to back up our claims - We have all the information and results from our extensive research on breast enhancement medication Mirifem and how it is changing the lives of women around the globe in very positive ways. Mirifem breast enhancement medication can impact your life and benefit you as well.
Here is a taste of the positive effects that our test subjects had after taking 800mg of Mirifem daily for two full months:
· 94% increased and noticeable firmness of breast
· 88% increased and noticeable enlargement of breasts
· 94% increased and noticeable skin improvements
· 88% increased and noticeable hair health
All of our test subjects were health, pre-menopausal women.

Benefits of Mirifem Breast Enhancement medication

Test Subjects
The women that participated in our two-month long study were pre-menopausal women who had normal, healthy monthly menstrual cycles. These women were divided into three groups:
· Group A took 800mg of Mirifem a day (four caplets) for 15 days each month.
· Group B took 400mg of Mirifem daily (two caplets)
· Group C took a placebo of tapioca starch.
The Results
After participating in the study for two months, 94 percent of the women in Group A noticed an increase in the firmness of their breasts, while 88 percent noticed enlargement of the breasts. In Group B, 44 percent of the women reported increased firmness in the breasts.

These results point to the fact that there are amplified benefits to taking the full, 800mg dosage. An astounding 94% of the women in Group A reported an overall improvement in their skin and 88% reported healthier hair. 85% of the women in Group A reported increased vaginal secretions which are closely linked to sexual potency in females. While all of the women involved in the test study group were listed as having normal, regular and healthy menstrual cycles, 29% of the women in Group A noted healthier menstrual cycles during the two month trial period.

Second Study

An independent study also showed that the active ingredient in Mirifem breast enlargement medication provides relief for symptoms of menopause, benefiting women who are looking for a natural and safe alternative to a chemically based hormone replacement therapy.

Second Study Test Subjects

The women in the four month long study were menopausal women ranging in age from 35 to 58 years old. Each of the women took a 200mg dosage of the breast enhancement medication for 21 days each month for four months.

The Results

After four months, 100% of the test subjects for the second study reported relief of their menopausal symptoms.

Below is a table that shows hot flashes, dry skin and anxiety that were assuaged in all of the study participants. Many women reverted to pre-menopausal by getting their periods back and also experienced improved and revitalized health and emotional well being.
The Choice is Yours
You have to ask yourself what you will do with this information. We hope that our study results give you a thorough knowledge of how breast enhancing Mirifem can change your life and benefit you. If you want more information, check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, or sign up for additional updates and information on the Mirifem product line.

If you’ve taken Mirifem, please, let us know your results! We’d be happy to hear your testimonials and posting them on the site, with your name or anonymously, it’s up to you. Send in your Mirifem breast enhancement testimonials to

DISCLAIMER: The findings of the study pertain to Pueraria Mirifica, the active ingredient in Mirifem full potential. If you have any medical concerns, including those about including medication or herbal remedies or other treatments, consult your physician before taking Mirifem.