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Improved Skin Tone and Perky Breasts
“It is really amazing. I'm 34 but always had rather and always had rather annoying skin issues, not rampaging acne, but spots and pimples nearly continuously, when some would dry and disappear, new ones would pop in only a few days, so I hardly ever haw a flawless skin. It was mostly localized in the chin area. Ever since I have taken the product my skin has improved dramatically, over only a couple of days !!! My nails also used to break continuously (because of my work, hands in water a lot) and now they are much stronger, grow strong and don't break. I have long, healthy hair and it's also been growing more and stronger on your pills. That's the good news. I took note of the maximum dose, and I do avoid caffeine. Thanks and have a good day !!”
Claire, France

“So, here is my second order. What can I say? From a B cup WONDER BRA LOOSE WITH THE PADS, to a FULL B WITHOUT THE PADS in only 10 days cream twice a day and 4 pills a day. My stretch mark diminished a lot, skin overall looks better, less dry, and no more itchiness from woolen jumpers, you made me a happy person overall, with no side effects and a positive attitude. I am really grateful, and recommend a try to all skeptics (I was one before, I bought them to prove they don't work, but they've proven me). Thank you very much and keep your shop ongoing!”
Loana, UK

Regain size after Hysterectomy
“I have had 2 children within a year and a total hysterectomy shortly after, womb and ovaries removed. All of this took its toll on my previously 34C perky breasts, reducing them to a rather sorry and floppy 34A. After not quite 1 month's treatment on the pills alone, I am already firm and filling a 34B and I still have 5 bottles left in the cupboard! I can't say thank you enough...!! I am now looking forward to what the next few months have in store for me (and my husband). Thanks again”
Mandy, UK

Better than Implants / Surgery!
“I really wanted to have bigger fuller breasts like i did before I got ill. I was seriously considering silicone implants, and began to research on them...BUT! There are always hesitations with such surgery, and the cost. I have hormonal imbalanceces from being unwell, which leave me with oily skin and being a bit skinny! I love modeling and wearing sexy corsets, so cleavage is something I value! I don’t want to look skinny! I want sexy juicy full breasts! SO Since I discovered Mirifem, I can now stop worrying about the cost and danger of silicone implants! Within the second month, I noticed how I had less spots to fight against! Now in the third month, my breasts have suddenly increased in volume! It is so amazing when I look at the difference! They also have that perkiness shape of the 1950s 'bullet bras'! I cant wait to continue with Mirifem and I'm also going to start using the Mirifem cream as a boost! Another amazing hormonal change made by Mirifem is how I never get depressed before my period. This used to be very debilitating for me. This herbal formula, this plant 'Pueraria Mirifica', is truly a gift from this Earth! Thank you ... for making it available to a worldwide market! THANK YOU!”
Fiona Jade, UK

What is Full Potential Breast Enhancement and what ingredients does the product contain?
Full Potential breast enhancement supplement is an herbal formula that is an easy-to-use, tasteless caplet that contains all natural herbal ingredients. It contains Pueraria Mirifica root standardized extract, wild yam root, milk thistle seed extract, ginger root standard extract and Activin grape seed extract. These herbs all work together to provide you with enhanced breast size, increased fullness and firmness and texture.

What is the herb Pueraria Mirifica?
Pueraria Mirifica is an herb that is native to Thailand and has been used by residents for centuries. Pueraria Mirifica is also known as White Kwao Kreu, and grows naturally in the forests of Thailand on the North and West ends, at altitudes between 300 and 800 meters above sea level. The tuberous root of Pueraria Mirifica is a rich source of phytoestrogens which contains a much higher concentration than other plant sources of phytoestrogens including soy and alfalfa.

What makes Full Potential a better breast enhancer than other natural supplements?
Full Potential breast enhancement supplement has exceptional benefits because of the high concentration of phytoestrogens that are provided in the Pueraria Mirifica, which is necessary for breast enhancement and growth. Pueraria Mirifica has the highest concentration of essential phytoestrogens when compared to soy and alfalfa, which are popular plant sources for herbal phytoestrogens. However, it is equally as important to how, and where, these herbs are found and taken from.

There are several known varieties of Pueraria that are similar to Pueraria Mirifica but do not contain significant concentrations of phytoestrogens which are essential to breast enhancement. With Full Potential, we use a specific variety of Pueraria Mirifica which is cultivated for its high concentration of breast enhancing compounds, making it more effective with the right dosage.

Apart from phytoestrogens, isoflavones, which are also included in our unique breast enhancing formula, are also known to promote breast enhancement by offering more firmness and a noticeable uplifted breast. Isoflavones also help to alleviate symptoms of menopause and are known to improve skin tone. Many women achieve noticeable breast enhancement, improved firmness and growth in just a few months of use. Isoflavones also provide other benefits, including better overall health and well-being, stronger nails, and silkier hair.

Our Full Potential formula for breast enhancement also contains an antioxidant blend which is rich in skin-saving properties such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E and beta-carotene. Our formula is also clinically tested “phased control” which is a time released dose that provides for maximum absorption over 12 hours.

Does the Potential breast enhancement formula have any harmful side effects?
Studies have proven that Full Potential breast enhancement does not have any harmful side effects. This breast enhancement formula contains all natural ingredients, including the Pueraria Mirifica root. This herbal root has been used for centuries to uplift and enhance breasts as well as to maintain a healthy hormonal balance in women.

Our formula uses only pure, premium grade Pueraria Mirifica which is harvested for its high isoflavone and phytoestrogen content. Isoflavones are also believed to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Phytoestrogens, which are also found in the breast enhancement formula and in Pueraria Mirifica, are known to alleviate the symptoms of menopause and to improve skin tone. This means that the herbal formula we create will give you firmer looking, uplifted breasts that are perhaps enhanced in size with out any harmful or unwanted side effects.

I’m menopausal and I’m worried about the risks associated with Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Can I safely switch to the Full Potential breast enhancement formula?
The answer is an exuberant yes! It is a well known fact that hormone replacement therapy is closely associated with increased risks of breast and uterine cancer. Many women take hormone replacement therapy because of the desirable effects on emotional well being, firm breasts, youthful hair, skin and nails, despite the risks associated with HRT.

You can retain all the benefits of hormone replacement therapy without the risks associated by switching to Full Potential. Our formula is 100 percent herbal, containing Pueraria Mirifica, the highest concentration of natural plant estrogens that are found anywhere in nature. Pueraria Mirifica is rich in isoflavones as well which also helps to reduce the risk of cancer in menopausal women. Our Full Potential breast enhancement formula can also alleviate pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms and actually promotes the health of the female reproductive system.

Can I lose weight without reducing the size of my breasts using Full Potential?
Yes, you can! Losing weight without using Full Potential breast enhancement formula leads to the depletion of fatty tissue in your breasts, which thusly reduces their size more and more as you continue to lose weight. Our customers have successfully lost weight without experiencing any change in their breast size. Several women who also were in the process of dieting to lose weight also noted an increase in their breast size despite the diet and moderate exercise.

For the best results, you should lose weight slowly. If you are starting a diet program or exercise regime, use Full Potential breast enhancement formula right away.

What immediate changes can I expect after taking Full Potential?
Full Potential is an all-natural breast enhancement formula which enhances breast size by creating structural changes that promote enlarging breasts with natural firmness and fullness. While these changes are not immediate, some do happen within a few months, including:
Ok, I’m sold, but how long will I need to take Full Potential breast enhancing formula?
Many women experience a tingling sensation after taking the Full Potential breast enhancement formula for just one month and also notice breast tightness. It’s important that before you begin taking Full Potential that you measure your breast size and then compare your measurements after taking Full Potential breast enhancing formula for six months.

A basic chart of progress may look like this:

Duration (Months): Month 1-2
Dosage: 2 caplets each day x 30 days
Result: Increased fullness and tightness of the breasts, branching and lengthening of the milk ducts and increased fatty tissue

Duration (Months): Month 3-6
Dosage: 2 caplets each day x 30 days
Result: Increased in size and firmness in slow growers while a faster grower may notice that their breast size has begun to stabilize. It’s important to continue to use Full Potential breast enhancement formula to maintain long term results.

Duration (Months): Month 6-12
Dosage: 1 caplet x 30 days
Result: a gradual increase in fullness and firmness of the breasts with the size beginning to stabilize.

The results vary from one person to another based on your uniqueness in chemistry and body make up. We recommend that new users commit to using Full Potential breast enhancement formula for at least six months to see the real results and to increase the optimal and longer-lasting results.

Full Potential breast enhancement formula accelerates a natural process which is similar to the one you experienced during puberty. The results are not immediate or instant. However with dedicated use of the product you will notice a visible difference in the appearance of your breasts when used as directed, but it does take time and patience.

Will I need to continue taking the Full Potential breast enhancement formula after I’ve achieved my desired results?
Many women reach their peak breast size and enhancement within three months of use of Full Potential. However, some women continue to have their breasts grow for up to one year. There are many factors to consider including again and gravity that can impact the shape of the breasts and the breast tissues, which contribute to sagging and the depletion of the supple skin tone and elasticity. Once you’ve achieved the desired breast size, you should continue to take Full Potential for another three months to ensure that you will maintain the breast size and firmness you desire. You can continue to take Full Potential beyond that three month post-breast enhancement period to alleviate menopause and PMS symptoms or for the rewards of youthful hair, skin and nails. The Full Potential all natural formula is organically grown and is safe for prolonged use.

Is the Full Potential breast enhancement formula approved by the FDA?
Full Potential is produced in the United States and France by GMP-certified manufacturers that adhere to the strict good manufacturing practices and ensure the highest levels of product purity, potency and safety. We closely monitor the herbal sources, extraction, formulation and standardization to create a high quality product that continues to live up to its breast enhancement promises.

Herbal medications and plant-based products are not required to have FDA approval. However, we have taken the added step of ensuring our products are produced by a GMP manufacturer that is certified by the United States FDA and Australian TGA standards for dietary supplements. The Full Potential breast enhancement formula is proven to be effective and safe and uses only the purest, freshest organic produce in the manufacturing process.

Is the Full Potential breast enhancement’s unique formula better than other sources of estrogen?
Estrogens can be extracted from a variety of plant and animal sources. For centuries, women have taken herbal estrogens that come from soy, alfalfa, and Pueraria Mirifica because they are effective and safe.

Herbal estrogens, such as Pueraria Mirifica, work by imitating your body’s natural production of estrogen. It binds to estrogen receptors in your breasts which cause structural changes such as milk duct lengthening, milk duct branching and building up the mammary tissues. These changes can lead to breast enhancements in size and firmness.

Estrogen that extracted from animal sources can lead to a wide variety of side effects and even an increase in risk of cancer. These are the primary reasons why so many women opt out of standard hormone replacement therapy practices and choose Full Potential instead.

Can I use prescription birth control pills while taking Full Potential, or should I stop my birth control?
The estrogen that is found in most standard birth control pills has some similarities to the phytoestrogens found in the Full Potential breast enhancement formula. Birth control pills can interfere with the proper function and use of Full Potential breast enhancing formula and could block the biological process that is triggered with the use of the product to enhance and enlarge breasts.

While both the Full Potential breast enhancement supplements and birth control pills provide similar estrogen, they are not a compliment to each other. Because of this potential interaction, it is best that you avoid taking birth control pills and use a different method of birth control while you take Full Potential.

What is the recommended dosage to achieve breast enhancement and development with Full Potential?
Breast enhancement and growth is the direct result of structural changes to the breasts such as milk duct branching and the development of mammary tissues. These changes do not happen immediately and can take some time and patience to see results.

While some results are noticeable within one to four months of beginning to take Full the Potential breast enhancement formula, we recommend a minimum six-month program to achieve long term, desirable results. To obtain the highest level of results, you should maintain a high estrogen level. We recommend ordering six bottles to start your program, taking two caplets each day for 30 days during the breast development stage. If you achieve your desired breast size, don’t stop taking Full Potential abruptly, but rather switch to the maintenance dosage of one caplet a day for 30 days to maintain the results long term.

How do I take the Full Potential breast enhancement formula?
Full Potential’s breast enhancement formula assimilates easily into your busy life schedule. You only need to take one caplet after breakfast and one after dinner, repeating each day as you would with any other medication or herbal supplement.

To avoid any breaks in your dosage, you should order additional bottles of Full Potential well in advance. The optimal results occur when you maintain a consistent and ongoing phytoestrogen level in your body. Avoid the delays of shipping and disruption of your dosage schedule, and thusly the improvement in your breasts by ordering what you need and extra in advance.

I am not 18 years old. Can I still use your product?
Full Potential is not recommended to persons under the age of 18. Our company does not knowingly recommend, market, or sell adult-oriented products to minors, because it has not been tested on such persons.

I’m in, or past, menopause - how many caplets of Full Potential should I take?
You can take the Full Potential breast enhancement all natural herbal supplements to rejuvenate your depleted estrogen production. If you are only looking to maintain a healthy estrogen level, then take the standard dosage of one caplet per day, every other day.

If you want to enhance or uplift your sagging breasts post-menopausal, you can take one caplet a day, every day; however you may experience your period’s return after taking the Full Potential supplement for a month. There are also secondary benefits to Full Potential’s phytoestrogens such as shinier hair, lower cholesterol levels, improved bone density and supple skin.

Will the Full Potential breast enhancement product affect my menstrual cycle?
Most women notice no differences in their monthly menstrual cycles, however in some cases which are rare, you may see some light spotting and early or delayed periods. The Full Potential product is extremely safe to use and these menstrual issues, should they happen, are quite normal. As you and your body adjust to new heightened estrogen levels, your menstrual cycle will regulate once again.

Women who have past menopause or are menopausal have noted many benefits to using Full Potential, including shiny hair, smoother skin and stronger nails. Women who have reached menopause may find their periods returning after using Full Potential for a period of time. This is also normal and is not a cause for alarm.

I’ve had a hysterectomy; can I still use Full Potential?
Yes, the Full Potential breast enhancement formula is safe to use by women who have had a hysterectomy. If you’ve had a hysterectomy, follow the same dosage for women who are menopausal or for those who have stopped menstruating.

Are there women who shouldn’t take the Full Potential breast enhancement formula?
Yes, there are some women who should avoid taking Full Potential. These include women who are pregnant or lactating. Women who have had breast cancer, ovarian cancer or uterine cancer should also avoid taking any supplemental estrogen.

If you are taking birth control pills, you should not take Full Potential. The chemical structure of birth control contraceptives is similar to Full Potential and can block the breasts’ estrogen receptors. You can take Full Potential with other forms of contraception and may also consider using the topical breast cream.

If you have heavy menstrual cycles, excessive bleeding or cramps, you should consult your physician before using Full Potential.

Can Full Potential breast enhancement be used by men to grow breasts?
Yes, we have many male customers who use Full Potential as a safe, all-natural formula to grow and develop their breasts.
Improving breast milk duct branching which end in clusters of lobules that accentuate breast fullness.
Development of mammary tissue.
Increasing fatty tissue and ligaments, which help improve the firmness of the breasts and help shapes them.
Maintaining and supporting collagen which improves skin tone.
Noticeable improvements in the softness and suppleness of skin, which leads to shapely and uplifted breasts.
Better emotional well being, a stronger hormonal balance and diminished cravings.
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FAQs About Mirifem Full Potential Breast Enhancement Products

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