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Breast Implant Disadvantages

Have you ever been disappointed with your breast shape, fullness, contour and size? Have you considered breast implants?  There are numerous reasons why you should seriously choose to go with a safe and naturally alternative to breast augmentation.

Here are the Disadvantages of Breast Implant:
· Scarring of where the implant is in inserted, Underarm or areola.
· Unnatural feel and look is very common sometime referred to “inflated balloon”.
· If you decide to lose weight expect to lose the breast tissue over the implant, which results in a bolder artificial look because only the implant is left.
· Price
· The breast implant conforms to a rippled look from the side of the breast which is very visible; this is known as the ripple effect.
· Implants harden unless massaged several times a day to keep them pliable and even this does not prevent them form feeling unnatural and hard at times.
· The recurring price of surgery every ten years to replace breast implants, some people are unaware of this fact that they are not permanent.
· Scar tissue can cause hardening of the breast implant and implant replacement may be needed.
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